UConn Compliance Related Training Requirements (List 6)

This resource is designed to assist you with identifying mandatory training requirements within each work area. It provides only a brief description of the general requirements. For additional details related to which training you may be required to complete, speak to your supervisor and/or the specific training content owner(s) listed below.

Last Updated on: 8/10/21

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 Other Mandatory Training Requirements
Training Description Population Covered Frequency Platform Regulation /Policy Content Owner Contact Info
Clery / CSA Training Reporting responsibilities under the Clery Act. All employees or affiliates with significant responsibility for campus & students activities. Annually Contact Public Safety for more information Institutional Mandate for Campus Security Authorities Public Safety 860-486-4800
UConn Fiscal Institute for Training (FIT) UConn FIT will provide fiscal administrative staff with the knowledge, tools and professional networks to be proficient in their job responsibilities.  The 5-day program focuses on achieving compliance with policies, procedures and regulations; improving the internal control environment; and improving the efficiency of operations.  The curricula is designed and delivered by central business offices that play a key role in fiscal compliance and risk mitigation, including Accounting; Accounts Payable/Travel; Audit and Management Advisory Services; Budget and Planning; Bursar; Payroll; Sponsored Program Services; Tax and Compliance; and University Business Services. Decentralized fiscal administrative staff in departments Staff will attend a 1-week session to become certified; initially, two sessions will be offered each semester In person; potential to offer online modules for each functional area in the future State and Federal regulations; State and University policies Controller’s Division and other key fiscal business offices (Budget` and Planning, SPS and UBS) 860-486-0962


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NCAA Recruiting Exam Coaches must take and pass a NCAA Coaches Certification Exam in order to go off-campus and have in-person contacts with prospective student-athletes and evaluate them (i.e., assess their academic and athletic qualifications).  The exam is 30 questions and the coach must receive 80% or higher in order to pass the exam (24 questions).  The exam is open book (i.e., NCAA manual) and is a timed test (60 minutes).  Once a coach passes the exam, they are certified to recruit off-campus through July 31 of the following year (e.g., if they take the 2018-19 exam on July 1, 2018 and pass, then they are certified through July 31, 2019).  If a coach fails the exam, then he/she needs to wait one month (30 days) in order to take the exam again. Coaches Annually Online NCAA Regulations Athletics 860-486-1652
Sexual Violence Prevention Training  The athletics department must be informed on, integrated in, and compliant with institutional policies and procedures regarding sexual violence prevention and proper adjudication and resolution of acts of sexual violence.  The institutional polices and procedures regarding sexual violation prevention and adjudication, and the name and contact information for the campus Title IX coordinator must be readily available within the department.  All coaches and staff must be educated each year in sexual violence prevention, intervention, and response, to the extent allowable be state law and collective bargaining agreements. Coaches and athletics staff Annually In Person NCAA Board of Governors Policy Athletics 860-486-1652
CPR, First Aid, AED Training An institutional staff member with current certification in first aid, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and automatic external defibrillator (AED) use must be present any time a student-athlete participates in a physical, countable athletically related activity.  Based on this requirement, the Division of Athletics mandates that all head, assistant, and volunteer coaches be certified in CPR, First Aid, and AED training in addition to our Sports Medicine and Strength and conditioning staffs. Head, assistant, and volunteer coaches; Sports Medicine staff; Strength and Conditioning staff Certification must be renewed once every two years In Person NCAA Regulation Athletics 860-486-1652