UConn Compliance Related Training Requirements (List 3)

This resource is designed to assist you with identifying mandatory training requirements within each work area. It provides only a brief description of the general requirements. For additional details related to which training you may be required to complete, speak to your supervisor and/or the specific training content owner(s) listed below.

Last Updated on: 8/17/21

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Privacy and Information Security Related Trainings
Training Description Population Covered Frequency Platform Regulation /Policy Content Owner Contact Info
FERPA Training FERPA training provides an overview of the law, focusing on student privacy rights. Certain versions of the training also highlight “prior written consent” tools students may use to allow for the University to disclose information. Depending on the audience, the training is modified to fit certain needs. Faculty/Staff Students Student- Employees,
Mandated by Departments

As Requested / Needed

Online / In Person University FERPA Policy

20 U.S.C. sec 123g

Privacy/ Office of the Registrar 860-486-3256
HIPAA (Storrs-based) Training HIPAA Privacy and Security training modules are available for employees, students and business associates of the University’s HIPAA-Covered Components. Employees, students and business associates of University HIPAA-Covered Components Annually HuskyCT Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act Privacy 860-486-3256