UConn Health Compliance Related Training Requirements

This resource is designed to assist you with identifying mandatory training requirements within each work area. It provides only a brief description of the general requirements. For additional details related to which training you may be required to complete, speak to your supervisor and/or the specific training content owner(s) listed below.

Last Updated on: 1/19/22

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Clinical Required Trainings
Training Description Population Covered Frequency Platform Regulation /Policy Content Owner Contact Info
Required Clinical Competencies
Competency training and assessment related to staff competency to perform their responsible duties JDH Clinical Nursing Staff and Affiliates Annually Various Joint Commission Human Resources (HR).01.06.01 Nursing Sue Ellen Poyton
UConn Health Mandatory Education Education to ensure staff have the appropriate knowledge and skills to carry out their responsibilities safely JDH Clinical Nursing Staff and Affiliates Per Policy Various HAM Policy 10-027 Nursing Sue Ellen Poyton
UConn Health Required Certification Training Policy Staff members are required per policy to obtain and maintain certifications designated by policy specific to their clinical area of practice JDH Clinical Nursing Staff and Affiliates Per policy and/or certifying body Various including: classroom, hands -on skills validation, demonstration, electronic learning management HAM Policy 08-022D Nursing Sue Ellen Poyton
JDH and UMG Medical Staff Training All members of the JDH and UMG Medical Staff with clinical privileges must complete trainings related to a variety of safety and quality issues (e.g., bloodborne pathogen, restraints, informed consent, history and physical, interpreter services, patient identification, impairment recognition, pain assessment and management, infection prevention, etc.) All members of the JDH and UMG Medical Staff with clinical privileges. At the time of Initial appointment and reappointment. Online Linked Training (see appointment and reappointment letters) UConn Health JDH Medical Board Meeting Minutes 1/10/17 JDH Medical Staff Office John Kennelly, MPH Director of Medical Staffing

(860) 679-4450

Graduate Residency Training Institutional Curriculum to meet credentialing aspects to work in the hospital system JDH Residents and Fellows involved in patient care Varies by type of training Health Stream Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) / Common Program Requirements IV.A.5 GME Dr. Wendy Miller

Graduate Medical Education