UConn Health Compliance Related Training Requirements (List 6)

This resource is designed to assist you with identifying mandatory training requirements within each work area. It provides only a brief description of the general requirements. For additional details related to which training you may be required to complete, speak to your supervisor and/or the specific training content owner(s) listed below.

Last Updated on: 1/14/22

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Health and Safety Related Trainings
Training Description Population Covered Frequency Platform Regulation /Policy Content Owner Contact Info
Minor Protection Training Overview of UConn’s policy and procedure requirements as well as ways to identify and report suspected child abuse. All individuals interacting with minors Annually SABA Policy on Protection of Minors and Reporting of Child Abuse and Neglect Human Resources 860-486-4510
Workplace Violence (Public Safety Overview for New Employee Orientation) Information about the Workplace Violence Prevention Policy, how to report incidents, and resources available. All New Hires


Once (upon hire) In Person


Executive Order No. 16


UConn Health Workplace Violence Prevention Policy (Policy Number 2017-02)


Resident/Fellow Policy Manual

Public Safety 860-679-7636
Clery / CSA Training Reporting responsibilities under the Clery Act. All employees or affiliates with significant responsibilities or campus & students activities. New CSA's upon identification; Refresher trainings upon request Online or In-Person Institutional-Campus Security Authorities Public Safety 860-679-7636