Office of University Compliance Training Courses

Annual Compliance Training is required for various University populations. Please refer to the following table to determine requirements specific to you.

Storrs & Regional Campuses

Population Compliance Training Requirement Frequency
Adjuncts Training available through Human Resources. Required once, upon hire.


Note: This training must be repeated if there has been a break in service of greater than one year (a break from teaching for two consecutive semesters).

Faculty & Staff Training provided by the Office of University Compliance. Available online or in person.


Required, to complete annually.


Note: If an employee is leave throughout the duration of the annual training period, they not required to complete the training.

Graduate Assistants Training provided by the Office of University Compliance.  Available online only. Required, to complete annually.


Special Payroll Training not required by the Office of University Compliance, but may be required by Department Head. If required by Department Head, available online only.

Please be aware, the above listing is only for Storrs and Regional Campuses and reflects general compliance training typically offered by the Office of University Compliance. Questions related to other compliance focused trainings, such as those related to Sexual Harassment Prevention, Diversity Awareness, and Environmental Health & Safety should be directed to the appropriate University Offices.