The University is required to provide all faculty and staff with annual training on the elements of the University’s compliance program; the University's expectations that all will act in accordance with applicable laws, policies and standards; and obligations as a state employee under the Connecticut State Code of Ethics. This training, developed by the Office of University Compliance, provides realistic scenarios and examples of how issues of ethics and compliance may arise in your work as a state employee.

Topics covered in this year’s training include:

  • The University’s Code of Conduct
  • The State Code of Ethics
  • Key Compliance Reminders

Per University Policy, employees are required to complete either a Live Web-Ex Session or an online version of the Annual University Compliance and Ethics Training through the Learning Management System (LMS).

DUE DATE: All employees are required to complete the training, whether through the online module or a live training, by 5/26/2023. Please plan accordingly to ensure completion by the deadline.

Note: Special payroll employees are not required to complete compliance training unless mandated by their Department Head. 

2023 Live WebEx Training Dates:

Employees should register for live sessions as early as possible as sessions will be limited. All sessions will be held online via WebEx and will take approximately 90 minutes. If you register for a live WebEx session, you do not need to complete the online training module as the content is the same.

    Employees will not be admitted (and will not receive credit) if they are later than 5 minutes to live trainings. To track attendance and engagement, participants will be required to engage in periodic assessment questions and will be asked to complete an online electronic attestation at the conclusion of the training.

    Click here to find an FAQ Guide and other resources related to the 2023 Annual University Compliance and Ethics Training.